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ScienceclubDIA, student lead innovative and novel science program for curious minds.

Since its inception 2015, it has proven to be a great hit a with primary school students, so much so we have a waiting list full of eager students.

Aryan Shah, DIA student is founder of the program. He has taken on his onus to individually pilot, supervise and recruit student teachers for the program. Each session of the club, is filled with cool experiments, fun quizzes and interesting presentations at DIA Primary School Laboratory.

Selection of topics, organization, planning and format of class, is very illustrative of Aryan’s in-depth research, understanding students most appropriate method of learning, his enthusiasm and perseverance. Each topic targets key areas of science concepts and further very explicitly illustrates to general and specific misconceptions of the topic among students.

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My objective and intention to initiate science club is to develop lifelong love for science in students of primary school. My aim is to arouse curiosity in young mind so that they are more eager to think and explore. I would like young minds to feel science is fun, make them more confident and prepared to participate in quizzes and exams in middle and high school.

Information in the classes is shared through mix of mediums like PowerPoint, National Geography Videos, guest talk, and supervised laboratory experiments.

The club is offered free of cost to any child who wants to extend their horizon.

Our goal is to run such Science club at every Innoventure School and other school around Dubai. We want to encourage student from every school to come forward and help us expand the club so we can reach more students.

Student Teacher!


Founder and President

Science topics of “how and why things happen” always fascinated me. Science, specially earth and life, has been my favorite subject. I love discussing and sharing what I have learnt.

I consider myself to be very lucky that DIA School provided me with appropriate platform to take my interest at different level.

My hobbies are swimming, reading books of different genre, travelling, working on Lego blocks and teaching.

I used to coach my younger brother on few occasions, that’s when I realized that I love teaching, especially science. Few of my brother’s friends used to hate science. I was little taken aback coming across someone not liking science. My cousin Aman Patel, inspired me to initiate science club at my school. Thank you Aman.

I shared my thoughts with Mr. Lewis Miller primary school science coordinator. Special thanks to Mr Miller, for being extremely supportive, encouraging and providing me with confidence to start the club. The results are extremely grateful students and teacher members.

Special thanks to Ms. Sarah Walsh – DP Biology teacher, Mr James Baird - DP Geography teacher and Ms Katrin Bastijns – DP Chemistry teacher, for having faith in my idea and giving their valuable time each week to supervise the club.


Student Teacher - Science Club DIA

All my life i’ve been fascinated about how the world works. The intricacies on the micro and macro scale, the explanations for why something does what it does.

So when I discovered in elementary school that science can provide my curiosity with food for thought, I was in love. Over the years, now being a DP 1 student, I’ve unfortunately dropped most of the sciences in favor for others; but did this not end my cravings to further my scientific acumen.

This is why I decided to participate as a teacher, to firstly share my love of science with the bright minds of our future in any way that I can; and also to give myself the opportunity to keep learning about the vast and extensive field of the Sciences!


Student Teacher - Science Club DIA

Hi my name is Pranav Jain and I am one of the teachers for the science club. Science is something that has always fascinated me and as a result I have become not just a devoted student of it but science is also something that I am very passionate about.

The complex names of compounds and elements are what first attracted me, but it’s something that never left.

Combining that with teaching some of the brightest minds I have ever met, was perfect. I truly look forward to teaching these kids, and hopefully they will enjoy the session as much as I enjoy teaching them.


Typically we meet once a week right after school. There is no cost to school or students, the class is free of charge. We would request school to allow the usage of science laboratory.

Science club runs twice a week in Primary School Laboratory for grade 4,5 & 6th grade students.

Join us every Sunday & Tuesday in Primary School Laboratory for Science Fun.

Many thanks to sciencejournalforkids.org allowing us to use their videos on our website

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Here's few


Hi Aryan,

Science Club at DIA has proven to be a huge hit with the students, so much so we have a waiting list full of eager students. DIA's Aaryan Shah, a secondary student with great ambitions, runs an excellent club with exciting, knowledge imparting sessions in our Primary Science Laboratory. For the past year he has planned well thought out schemes of work that target key areas to extend and readdress misconceptions in science for our students. This is definitely a club worth recognition, as is its creator. Sometimes I pop in just to learn a thing or two.

Kind Regards,
Lewis Miller
Primary School Science Coordinator
Primary Years Teacher Year 4

Hi Aryan,

Thank you for sending those recap emails it helps understand what Maxim has learned. He really really enjoys your classes by the way

Best regards,

Sophie (Maxim's mom)

Hello Aryan,

Thanks a lot dear for putting so much hard work. Sharzeh is enjoying this ASA the most and especially the way you engage all the kids in such a friendly manner, really appreciate that. Wanted to inform you that the wednesday 2nd Nov sharzeh's class is going for 3 day camp, so the kids from 6A won't be able to attend the class. Thanks dear.

Shazleen (Sharzeh's mum)

Thank you Aryan,

My son Louk really enjoyed the ASA and is looking forward to the next lessons.

Kind regards,
Marie Claire Van Rooij

Hello Aryan,

A personal note to say ‘Thank you’ for putting this session up as you have truly stimulated the interest in our daughter – Naomi from Y5B. It is nice to see someone who comes home and shares their learning from the molecular structure of an atom to the importance of periodic tables, understanding the dna structure to the importance of Newton’s force theory. She truly enjoyed every session and a lot of credit goes in the way you probably shared this knowledge. Keep up the great work and wish you the very best with your DP program. If you run this next year, Naomi will definitely be in there Thanks & God bless

Dinesh & Salomi

Thank YOU Aryan!

That was really a great initiative that you took and it was very nice from you for taking the time out your busy student life to teach kids younger than you.

Your classes were truly amazing!! Youssef learnt a lot and really enjoyed all the topics that were taught. He wouldn't had miss one for the world!

Everything was perfect!! The subjects chosen, the way you teach and connect with the kids, the organization of the classes and even the emails to the parents before and after classes were truly appreciated. Youssef will certainly miss your classes.

Once again thank you so much and we wish you a lot of success in your students life, may all your wishes come true.

Warm regards,

Samira & Youssef (6A)

Dear Aryan,

Thanks a lot for the science club. Ronojoy found it very interesting. Thanks once again for your time and effort.

Best Wishes to you Regards

Dear Secondary School Leaders,

One of our Year 11 DIA students, Aryan Shah, has been running a very successful Science club for year 5 and 6 students. I attach a presentation that he recently shared with me about the Science Club for your information.

He would like to share the idea across Innoventures schools and to widen the impact. We discussed this and thought that one way of doing this would be through students of a similar age at your schools coming to see the club, perhaps with a teacher who would be willing to be a supervisor. They could then take the idea back to your schools and start a similar club. He is willing to share ideas and resources from his experiences this year and support in any way that he can.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please contact Aryan to arrange a suitable time for a visit. If you wanted Aryan to present his ideas to students beforehand, he is happy to do so.

I hope you will help Aryan to take his project further.

Kind regards,
Jayne Needham

Head of Secondary School